basic view in HyperTab

HyperTab plays hand-crafted midi files synced to mp3. These files are only available from this web site.

Each file shows all the guitar parts in a song (lead, rhythm, overdubs, etc.) including bass.

Scroll through the different guitars while the song is playing. Zoom in for a closeup view of any one.

The timeline and playback controls let you isolate, slow down and loop any part of the song.

Quickstart: how to use HyperTab

Open a HyperTab file and press the play button.

HyperTab can only play files specifically created for it. Right now there's a grand total of two songs available (the demo file that comes with the software and "Pride and Joy"). More coming soon.

Scroll through the different guitar parts.

Some songs may have more then one. For example the demo file has two guitars (lead and rhythm) and bass. Only two instruments are visible at a time. Use the scroll arrows (in the scrollbar at right side of screen) to scroll them.

Click on a guitar to zoom in.

Closeup view shows more detail. Here you see almost everything you would in tab, and other things you wouldn't. Like fingering for your fret hand. And there's a special pick hand area on the right side that shows you picking, palm muting, whammy bar, and more.

Use the timeline to focus on a specific part of the song.

Drag the markers, or enter bar numbers, to start and stop playback at any section (verse, chorus, solo, etc.) or at a specific bar.

Use the spacebar or the number keypad on your computer keyboard to toggle between play, pause and stop. For more info, see the Help menu in HyperTab.

Slow it down and loop it for learning

Drag the slider to slow down playback speed to as much as 10% of normal. Turn on looping (click the circular arrow) to loop between the markers on the timeline.

You can slow down midi audio but not mp3.

HyperTab audio and mp3