shapes control in HyperTab

Turn the shapes knob in HyperTab to see:

  • Chord shapes
  • Scale shapes
  • CAGED (fretboard navigation) shapes

and, exclusively from GuitarViz:

  • "Building Block" lick and riff shapes
    • that show you what chord and scale shapes don't.

HyperTab shapes

Basic "vocabulary"

Most players will recognize some of these. Few will know them all.
HyperTab "building block" shapes

Basic chords

Useful for beginners, but won't do much to explain the music of SRV, Hendrix, etc.
HyperTab chord shapes

Basic scales

Seeing how they're used in real songs shows their benefits -- and their limitations.
HyperTab scale shapes

Basic navigation

All you have to do is memorize 5 shapes (and you probably know 2 already).
HyperTab CAGED shapes