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HyperTab uses famous songs to show you how guitar works. Watch strings and fingers animate, synced to your mp3 of the original recording, or slowed down for learning.

Turn the Shapes knob to see the underlying shapes -- not just chords and scales, but "building block" licks and riffs used by everyone from Hendrix to Metallica.

Free download: includes 2 min. demo file

Paid songs: from Stevie Ray Vaughan and Iron Maiden

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HyperTab guitar software

How it works

See multiple guitars -- bass too.
Zoom in, slow it down, loop it.
Quickstart: how to use HyperTab

Syncs to mp3

Imagine hearing Stevie Ray play while you "look over his shoulder" and watch.
HyperTab audio and mp3

Shows you how to play it

What to do with your fret hand --
pick hand too.
A Guitar Hero that works

Shows everything tab does

The accuracy of tab without having to read all the little numbers.
HyperTab compared to tab

More then chord and scale shapes

Building block lick and riff shapes too.
See what you've been missing!
HyperTab shapes

Shows music theory

Color-coding shows you what's going on musically -- including with the shapes.
HyperTab music theory