"Pride and Joy"
"Most play by ear"

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See what you've been missing

Basic vocabulary for rock guitar, displayed in shapes. Not just
chords and scales! See it online in the Building Blocks of Rock. Watch real-world examples in HyperTab with songs from
Stevie Ray Vaughan and
(coming soon) Iron Maiden.

Playing Guitar

Most guitarists play by ear

This is true across all skill levels, from legends to bar bands to the kid next door.
quotes from Page, Clapton, EVH, SRV...

Playing by ear is visual

Common shapes and patterns are moved around based on the chord or key.
How to find your way around the neck

You don't need to know lots of scales

Most classic rock songs used just a few.
How to use scales: a simple explanation

What you need are new ideas

And new ways of looking at things.
See what you've been missing